Patient Testimonials


I started off on the Hcg diet and I didn’t do so well. If you are currently on birth control, my advice would be to not try the hcg. Yes. Everyone’s body responds differently but I think the other options would be better for you. I am starting week 2 of my new program and every since I started changing my diet (eating clean, drinking lots of water and working out 3 x a week) with the aid of the lipotropic injections I lost 4 lbs my first week. I must admit while on the hcg diet and having my weight stall, I started to feel discouraged but the M.A. Lavette was very helpful and a well-needed motivator. Dr. O is very understanding and will work with you if you aren’t seeing the results that are desired. I recommend this office to anyone with a WL journey.

~ Myeshia L.

I have been a patient of Dr. O since 2009, during which time I delivered two of my children. He has been an excellent doctor and friend. All of the staff is professional and welcoming. I recently started the WL program through the wellness clinic and have been extremely pleased with the results. I have already lost 12 pounds while continuing to lose. I highly recommend the program to anyone who is interested and serious about dropping the weight and changing their life style habits. The best part of the program was learning the correct ways to eat. I can begin to apply these newly learned things in the future so that I may have a better change of maintaining the weight loss.

~ Nicole W-B.

Doctor Okoroji and his staff are very nice and considerate. The staff is really good at scheduling appointments in a timely manner. Waiting time is not bad after appointment is scheduled. They try to get you in and out. I love how great Dr. O is at explaining details about your care that may at first be a little hard to understand.

~ Debria D.

Nature Coast has provided me with exactly what I was hoping to receive. I have been on a six week weight loss program and have achieved almost every goal I set for myself. The staff is always willing to accommodate to whatever I need each week that I make my visit. They are always extremely caring. The physician, Dr. O and the medical assistant Lavette have been extremely helpful during my time as a patient here. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! Thanks you guys for everything.

~ Sophie S.

I Have Had A Great Experience So Far With This Office. I Have Been A Patient Of Dr. Okoroji For Several Years Now And Recently Decided To Join The Wellness Clinic To Help With My Weight Loss Challenge. The Staff Is Always Friendly And Are Very Knowledgeable. I Have Formed Great Rapports And Relationships With Many Staff Over The Years. I Am Always Welcomed And When I Have Questions, They Are Always Answered. The Wellness Program Is Effective nd It Helps You To Disicipline Your Eating Habits. It Has Helped Me Change My bad Eating Habits Completely. The Medical Assistant Is Amazing. She Is Available Whenever You Need Her. Overall It Is An Amazing Opportunity To Experience. You Must Try This Place!

~ Tiffany M.

I Needed To Find A New Healthcare Provider (GYN Doctor) Due To My Current Physician Retiring. I Used Online Information To Locate A Replacement. Fortunately, I Was Able To Revise Dr. O’s Health Grades And View Some Of His Videos Prior To Making a Selection. They Clarrified That I Should Schedule An Appointment With Nature Coast. The Visit Then Proved To Be Better Than Expected. He And His Staff Are Fantastic Professionals and The Office Atmosphere Is Very Comfortable. I Can’t Say Enough How Pleased I Have Been With The Choice That I Made. I Have Recently Started Their WL Program With The Wellness Clinic And Is Overexcited About The Complete Process In General. I Will Recommend Them To Everyone!

~ Wanda R.